Begin a lifelong commitment to your body and well-being.

At Achieve Fitness with Rachel, fitness is made pleasurable and attainable for all through individual and partner training.

  • older adult personal training
  • amateure athletes workout program
  • prenatal workouts
  • personal trainer Framingham
  • trx suspension training lessons
  • personal training improves how you feel about yourself


  • Look & feel healthy & fit — Gain more muscle, lose fat, increase metabolism, sleep & feel better.
  • Whole body approach to a new you — I will look at your body as a whole including muscle imbalances and posture, balance, flexibility, core and body strength.  These factors and how you take care of your body will be evaluated to help you improve upon your fitness and health.
  • Receive individualized programs — tailored to your what your body needs and your personal goals.
  • Warm, personable, supportive and experienced nationally certified trainer — I will be your cheerleader and coach every step of the way.
  • Discover your body’s innate athletic ability to move and be strong — Challenge the body and work with it to move painlessly and effectively, prevent injury, grow strong, and accomplish your fitness goals.
  • Privacy while training — Workout in a private, non-judgmental, distraction-free atmosphere.
  • Maximum workout in minimum time — Using the latest scientific research,  experience the best and most efficient workout to maximize your results and minimize your workout time.
  • Enhanced Motivation — You will accomplish much more and set new personal bests with my motivation.
  • Accountability — Set appointment times and assigned homework encourages you to thrive.
  • Variation — Varied workouts stave off boredom, promote muscle growth and fat reduction, and progressively challenge you.

Come to this beautiful, private 800 square foot Framingham fitness studio with all the latest functional fitness equipment to take you to the next level.   With my 14 years of experience, passion and knowledge of health and fitness, and love to empower each individual, you will see amazing changes in your health.   Specialties include training the beginner, older adult, recreational athlete, pre/post natal woman, and individuals starting post-rehabilitation.  The studio is easily accessible for clients living in Sudbury, Southborough, Natick, Framingham, and surrounding communities.

Not ready to workout and need more information, schedule your free 30 min fitness consultation with Rachel.